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KAIROS Affiliate Program: Terms and Conditions
Enrollment in the Program

At this time, we are accepting enrollment by invitation only. We hope to open this program to the general public early in 2009. Please check back for updates.


We grant to our Affiliates a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license to promote and market products available at www.kairosresourcecenter.com (a Division of Eagles' Wings Ministries) on the Internet in accordance with this Agreement. Information provided by an Affiliate will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which is considered to part of this Agreement.

Consumers generated through your marketing efforts hereunder, and their associated information and/or data, are deemed to be the sole property of Eagles' Wings Ministries and our respective Customers. You do not receive any rights to such information and may not use such information for your own benefit other than as set forth in this Agreement.

Term and Termination

The term of this Agreement will begin upon our email notification of your application approval and will end when terminated by either party. You may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, by giving Eagles' Wings Ministries written notice of termination via e-mail. Eagles' Wings Ministries may terminate this Agreement and your license to promote and market our products without notice at any time. Affiliates are only eligible to earn commissions on billings generated during the term of this Agreement. Upon any termination of this Agreement, any and all licenses granted hereunder shall immediately expire.


Eagles' Wings Ministries shall pay commissions 7% commission for all fulfilled sales from referred visitors, where a referred visitor is one who clicks on our provided banner from the affiliate's registered domain. Refunded sales will not count toward earned commissions.

Commissions will be paid the third Friday of each month, or within one week thereafter. Commissions shall be paid in the form of a check mailed to the address listed in your account at the time of payment.

Commissions are based solely upon the sales statistics that Eagles' Wings Ministries compiles on a regular basis, which are verified and checked against our month end reports (further referred to as the "Data"). Please be advised that the statistics that appear on your online Affiliate Account page are intended for informational purposes only. The online Affiliate Account statistics may be inaccurate and/or incomplete and you may not rely upon such statistics until they are reconciled with our month-end reports. Eagles' Wings Ministries may require an Affiliate to provide a W-9, or similar information, as a condition to receiving any Commission payments.

Commission payments will not be issued to an Affiliate for any amount less than $20 US Dollars (the "Payment Threshold"). All such amounts below the Payment Threshold shall be held, aggregated and paid to an Affiliate only when the Payment Threshold has been reached. Eagles' Wings Ministries will not pay Commissions on any billings that occur: i) before the Affiliate is accepted into the Program; or ii) after termination of this Agreement.

Eagles' Wings Ministries reserves the right to withhold and/or cancel Commission payments due and owing to an Affiliate at any time, in our sole discretion, when we believe that the Affiliate is in breach of this Agreement.

All Commission payments due to an Affiliate will be paid by check in US dollars, unless otherwise set forth in connection with a Customer Campaign and/or Deal.

Marketing Pieces

We will make available to our Members marketing pieces created for use with the Program. In particular, we will supply www.kairosresourcecenter.com banner advertisements and links. Each banner and link contains a validation tracking mechanism permitting Eagles' Wings Ministries to identify the respective Affiliate using the banner or link.
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